Eyes Wide Shut. Part II

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Now, in the 21st century, the value of a single life is increasing. But the point is, even if it is not, in fact, rising and just seems so, for the first time in history we all can communicate and unite as species to save ourselves and the world around us.

Air pollution, the reason for global warming, hangs like the sword of Damocles above our heads. This on one hand, is a relatively new issue, it came along with industrialisation, when we started to burn increasing quantities of coal, drive cars, and use more advanced ways to pollute our habitat. In such a short time, we have managed to lower the air quality and are warming up our planet at an increasing pace, faster than that of thousands of years before. It is true, we have much more awareness of this, rather than previous two examples and thus, every year we can see more and more movement and development towards areas such as green energy, electric cars, nature protectionism, etc. But that is in advanced countries. In the majority of the world people are still destroying ancient forests, using old polluting cars and environmentally unhealthy energy sources. Unless we can work together, like we do sometimes, but on a much higher scale, united, as representatives of the same species, caring about our environment, helping on one side, maybe using some necessary pressure on the other in order to save us, everyone who lives with us and the planet itself. The future at the moment is dark and potentially uninhabitable. 

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, the recent pandemic which humanity is going through, does fall out of the line a bit, but only from the first sight. This is much deeper, most of the world has some kind of restrictions on movement, work, huge impact on social life, all kinds of industries, etc. People were generally pretty unhappy about having their usual life changing and being restricted. That is another example of humans being selfish, ergo the virus itself did not appear in front of them, so the problem did not involve them directly, only the consequences of its existence. Elderly and vulnerable mostly understood the danger, while younger parts of our society did not take any of this seriously. Conspiracies started to take over the minds of people, refusing to wear masks, blaming the government and not following any common sense. Illegal parties, protests for multiple reasons over this year, few examples of people choosing something important for them personally over the lives of others. We decided to try to keep our usual life, despite the circumstances changing, caring about only ourselves yet again.

The problem lies deep inside of every human being. Being social is essential for survival, it is essential for staying sane. That is why people who stayed alone on an abandoned island or lived hermit life in the forest over time tend to go insane. Yet, we refuse to act together when it comes to problems of others, our mutual ones, preferring to solve things on our end at best and leaving other ends to others. This can be related to anything, not necessarily inter-social issues, but issues with nature, animals and much more. If we do not open our eyes, if we keep them wide shut, there is no way in the universe our society and species will advance in any good direction, if advance at all.

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