About me

Hello world!

My name is Artyom Timofejev and that’s my website, I hope you enjoy looking through it.
I ended up studying Fashion Design because as much as I can remember myself I always
wanted to change something in this world, it didn’t and still doesn’t seem quite right for me.
And through all the years I’ve lived I was trying to change something in different ways, but
at some point I understood how much are people and the society depending on the way
we dress, because usually that’s the only thing, accompanied by face, which we see when
meeting someone. So before a person next to you starts speaking, you already create a
picture, based on the way they look. And after that moment, you only adjust the picture
and base your emotions and further relations on it. That means, if you want to say
something even before you introduce yourself, you need to dress in a certain way, which
will help you with your point. After understanding that decision came pretty quick, I wanted
to speak with the world around me using fashion.
And here I am.