Equality is a false God

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My second project, which helps me to explain to the world my views and I hope will help
me to change it a little bit. With this project I’m trying to explain the issues connected to
equality. Everyone everyday sees somewhere, doesn’t matter, is it on the street, on work,
on Facebook or any other places something related to equality, it can be post of your
friend on one of social platforms, it can be a politician who speaks to you from the screen
of TV, activists, gathering crowds around them in the park on your way back from work and
many other places. And all of them will be talking about equality and how everyone needs
to be treated equally and have equal rights. Now, take a deep breath and think, are people
equal? Are their needs equal? If you answered ‘yes’ on both questions, let me give you
some examples. Is a child equal to the 30 years old man? Is a disabled person without
legs equal to Usain Bolt? You should say ‘yes’ to these two as well now. You see, if we go
down to specifying the questions and relating them to specific occasions between two
human beings, equality doesn’t seem so right anymore, at least for me. Because telling to
different people that they are the same is a biggest lie. When I was at school we had to
study 16 subjects and have good marks on all of them. That system didn’t care if someone

is good at maths and other is good in English, the idea was that everyone should learn the
same things and think the same way. Now, I say that is Equality. And I say this is wrong.
There are writers, engineers, painters, teachers, rocket scientists and many others. Our
world is beautiful because of it’s diversity. If we make everyone same and treat the the
same way (equally) it’s not going to make the world a better place. I believe that people
should be treated differently and according to their needs and only by following this path
humanity and it’s members can become truly equal to each other.

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