End of term exhibition

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Today my course mates and me had our first exhibition, yes, it was a small step, but very important, none of us had our work exhibited before. The exhibition was for the brief “Say Something!” And everyone tried to express themselves and things they’re worried about in modern world through producing garments and textile prints. It was a great experience and I’m incredibly thankful for our tutor, Jane Mills, who set up the exhibition. You can see photos of some pieces, which were exhibited here.

    My concept was about problems of our world, which we face every day. But this is very broad theme, so I went to specific part — equality between people. Thats where the title “Equality is a false God” comes from. The main purpose of the idea was to raise the awareness on the subject and make people think, not just follow the movement. Because in my opinion equality which we are building now is a wrong path and if we continue to follow it, everyone in the future will be the same, you’ll be looking at other people like in the mirror. People are different, yes, we all are humans and that’s what unites us, but its our diversity what makes the world beautiful. Transferring this idea into a garment was a tricky task, so I tried to look on my concept from different angles until I found great connection between society I don’t want to live in and modern skyscrapers, parts of both are exactly the same, the most literal visual representation is a window of the building meaning a person in the society I described earlier. Colours and some shapes of a modern city, which represents a world filled with copies, equal copies, I used later in my design development.